The Foreigner

beal-webcomicislandGotta love Conservatives, always keeping America safe from the scary brown people…

*SARCASM* Gotta make that clear just in case someone decides to lose their mind.

The Struggle

blackThe struggle.png

Blogger #2 Spell Check



beal-webcomicff13-1ff13-2ff13-3ff13-4ff13-5ff13-6ff13-7FF13  #8.pngff13-9ff13-10

NOTE: This Comic was inspired by Lightning Ellen and her obsessive fandom concerning Lightning from FF13. It’s all in good fun so please don’t warp into my house and crush my stuff with another character’s sword.

New Years 2017

beal-webcomicNEW YEAR- 2017


New Year-2018new-years-20173

I’m not the most optimistic person after the elections this year. Hope I’m wrong.