The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master-2010

Not much to say about this one folks. It was inspired by a certainĀ Metallica song, sleep deprivation courtesy of the Army, and boredom.

I’ll give you something better tomorrow. šŸ˜‰

Splitting Headache

July 2009

The Story-

During my time in the Army I remember having one particular lesson drilled into my head. That lesson was to always carry pen and paper. I figured it was for taking super top secret notes for the military, but in reality, its mostly just to draw doodles like these when you are bored out of your mind during some kind of repetitive safety brief. One day during one of those extremely boring safety meetings, I developed a pounding headache. The lights were all too bright and the man with the microphone was speaking too loud. I attempted to distract myself by doodling in my handy, dandy, notebook… And this image is the result I got. I think it summed things up about how I was feeling quite nicely.