It was the summer of 2000 when a younger, thinner me walked into our local videogame store known as Microplay. I had spent the better part of the spring and my whole summer cutting grass with my stepfather for the amazing wage of $20 a day. That money was burning a hole in my pocket and I was itching to try out a new game. I spoke with the clerk briefly about what games I had been playing. I told him I was bored of those games and wanted to try something different. He smiled and told me to hold on. He ran to the shelf across the store, and came back with a brand new copy of Final Fantasy 9.

I had never played a FF game before and was unsure about it. I suppose he was a decent salesman… I spent the remainder of that year pouring over FF9. I beat the game, bought the guide, beat it again and unlocked just about every possible secret that I could find. I was hooked.

The preteen boy I once was remembers how special this game was at that moment in time. Vivi was especially relatable to a kid at that age, a character that seemed to always be out of place, trying to find purpose and meaning in life. Adult me misses those simpler times.

While working on this peice of art I experienced quite a few different emotions while reminiscing about my youth. Things I had long forgotten seemed to jump up out of the shadows of my mind…

Art & Woodworking

20181103_152350As you can tell from the above image, I have acquired quite a bit of art supplies over the course of my life. Recently I decided that a new way of storing my supplies was in order, so I drew up an idea in my mind for a storage box. My criteria for the box were simple, it needed to be functional, simple, not an eyesore, and made from recycled wood and parts.

To begin, I went into my wood storage and quickly found exactly what I was looking for… Not long after I purchased my home, I removed the fireplace mantle and installed a custom built television mount (A whole separate project). I kept the wood from the mantle and decided it would work great for this project. You can see pictures from the television mount project below.

Front view of the original mantel
Side view of the original mantel
The custom built mount I created
My finished den

The wood from the mantle, as you can see, was solid oak with a wood stain. I had planned to take photos of the art box project as it went along. Unfortunately, I simply forgot and completed the whole thing in a rush due to time constraints. Below is the completed project. 20181113_15210920181113_15212020181113_15213620181113_15391120181113_15391920181113_15395020181113_15392920181113_154012

As you can see from the last photo I am still quite short on space. I am using my computer desk as my art area which is another problem I intend to fix with my next project. I intend to build my own drafting table, possibly incorporating my art box into the design. Regardless, I will document the whole process with photos. I may even record the process, though I am a bit camera shy so that is still up in the air.

Thank you for your time.


Typically I have a story I like to share about the artwork I create. This piece, however, has no story. I felt the creative itch once again after a long dry spell and this was one of the first ideas I had for a new painting. It took me roughly 4 hours to complete. Below you will find photos I took of the whole process. Please feel free to leave any creative feedback or suggestions for other works in the comments.

PART 1: The Sketch20181031_214443

PART 2: Line Work20181031_214503

PART 3: Line Work Cont.20181031_214518

PART 4: Shading 20181031_214535

PART 5: Green Watercolor20181031_214549

PART 6: Brown Watercolor20181031_214603

PART 7: Yellow Watercolor20181031_214618

Part 8: Finished 20181031_214348

Thanks for your time!