The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master-2010

Not much to say about this one folks. It was inspired by a certainĀ Metallica song, sleep deprivation courtesy of the Army, and boredom.

I’ll give you something better tomorrow. šŸ˜‰

St. Anger


September 25, 2003

The Story-

High school art class, 2003. I always envisioned myself becoming an artist of some type and decided it wouldn’t hurt to take art in high school. One of our first projects involved scratch boards, my first time ever seeing this form of art. My first attempt at using scratch board is what you see above. I was a metal head at the time. Everything was rock & roll and Metallica was my go to band back then. I pulled out the CD Jacket from theirĀ St. AngerĀ album and used the images in it to create this piece.

In short, this is shitty high school art. šŸ™‚