Hello WordPress community. I have returned, please hold your applause. Let me start off with an apology for being a terrible blogger, or whatever I’m supposed to be called when I post here. I know I have not posted in some time. To be honest, I know exactly when I stopped posting. It was right around the time Donald Trump was being inaugurated as President of the United States. (I can’t help but feel that there is an alternate timeline taking place somewhere and we all somehow ended up in the shitty one.)

I fell into a funk after that event to be perfectly honest with you. I grew extremely sad and distant. It’s not that I love Hillary Clinton, I just couldn’t believe that such a large population of the country I love, the country I served, could fall for a man like Donald Trump. My heart still aches to this day not only for my own children who now have to grow up in whatever kind of lasting mess this mans administration is creating, but for all the people in this country who are generally good, hardworking, honest Americans (or soon to be Americans) that want nothing to do with the ideas this man represents, but are still stained by the image of this man and his administration. I now live in a world where I check the news not to see what is going on, but to find out what new terrible thing did Donald Trump have a hand in today?

For months I have avoided social media, including WordPress, and focused exclusively on my real personnel life. I may not have any control over national matters but I still have some control over my own surroundings.  I moved my family to a new, more welcoming city and purchased what I would consider my dream home. I’ve been taking on new interest and reinvesting time in old hobbies like painting, writing and reading, something that I was sorely missing in my life. I’ve reconnected with some family and friends, and made some new friends long the way. All of this has helped me remember that the simple things matter most.

I can die tomorrow and Trump will still be President (maybe). The world will still be on fire and everyone will still hate everyone else. I’m trying to look past all this noise and non-sense and find some peace in this world. I don’t want to waste to much more time worrying a lot about the things that I can’t change. I just want to be able to write and draw stupid pictures and doodles that might impact you or someone else in a way that is meaningful. So that is what I’m going to do. To hell with all the static in the world.

I plan on getting back to posting pretty regularly soon. I’m still working on building my office space in the new home so it may take a bit more time, but soon. I hope to branch out into new territory such as video games, or movies. I have really taken a keen interest in the video game blogging community here and would like to take a shot blogging about my own virtual adventures.