January Stats

  • 5 published post.

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MonoPrice Delta Mini 3-D Printer: Part 2 – The Review

I really wanted to love this little machine but the problems are many and the rewards are too few. Continue reading “MonoPrice Delta Mini 3-D Printer: Part 2 – The Review”

December Update: Project List

I started this blog in 2011 with absolutely no idea of my goals. This has resulted in me posting quite a bit of random stuff over the last seven or so years. Most of my post, especially some of the earlier garbage, has since been removed. In an effort to become a more effective “blogger”, I want to add a monthly update where I discuss all of my different projects. This is partly for those who tend to visit on a regular basis, and for me to better track my own progress with my projects.

At the moment, all of my projects are on hold due to the holidays. Once the new year begins, I am hoping that I can refocus my attention and time on the following list of projects. Continue reading “December Update: Project List”