The Poet

Sometimes a poem doesn’t rhyme.

Do not fret, all will be fine.

Just keep writing, add another line.

Don’t give up, it just takes… effort.

Illegal Aliens

The aliens have landed!

They look different and scary!

They don’t sound or look like me and

 they think gays should marry!

I don’t like the aliens!

They just want our land!

We need to deport the aliens!

Make the Earth great again!gay-aliens0001


Last night I saw a shooting star.

It looked like it was very far,

Until it landed in my yard.

Now I have a

Soundscape: Door Stop

You know that springy thing on the wall near the floor?

The little thing that sits behind the door?

Give that thing a flick, then sit and listen.

You’ll hear a motorcycle riding off into the distance.



Sometimes I like listening to the sound of a fire.

Sometimes you can hear the wood pop.

Sometimes you can hear the wood sizzle.

Sometimes you can hear someone scream,


House Fire0001.jpg

It’s so relaxing.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”independence-hall0001


Rain, rain,

Go away,

Come again some other day.

But if you don’t,

I don’t care,

boat0001Cause I have a boat!