Growing Pains Expressed In Art

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I was twenty years old, give or take a year, when I drew this picture. It was back in the 2007-2008 time frame. I was a freshly minted father who was freshly unemployed due to the housing market crash of 2007. All I had was a G.E.D (General Education Diploma), no marketable skills, and no idea what I was supposed to do. After loosing my apartment, my car, and my unemployment income, I did the only thing I knew how to do in order to cope with stress at the time. I began to draw.

I sat down one night and let my hands do the work. I still don’t remember drawing this, but I remember the feeling of being incredibly angry and depressed all at once. The unnamed feeling we all go through when life introduces us our new limits of expectation. I was trying to sum up my life at that point in one image, one drawing. I wanted to express all the pain and damage I was feeling. It worked, for me at least. I look at this image and it still sends a shiver down my spine.

Abstract art#3
A piece of me is buried in one of those graves…

Those times were tough and terrifying, but I dealt with it as best as I could. Through my art and my writing… I was able to get everything out in the open so I could think clearly, and make a plan. Having the ability to cope in this way was quite possibly the thing that changed my life around. I went through my emotions and worked things out with myself so that I could accept everything that had happened and begin working on the next step in my life. That next step happened to be enlisting in the U.S. Army.

I thought life was hard before joining the Military, and it was in its own special ways, but the Army was a whole different beast entirely. Luckily I still had my way of dealing with it.



…isn’t always about making a pretty picture.


Sometimes you just need the art to display a certain emotion or feeling. Something it is a feeling you maybe can’t put into words. It won’t always make sense to others but it doesn’t always have to. The image above may seem exceptionally violent, and it is. But there is more to see here. That image is a representation of my life in the Army killing my old idea of how to live. Basically I am shooting myself in some sort of convoluted grandfather-paradox nightmare, if you will. The military toughened me up for sure, made me more resilient to life and all of its woes. Though life is better these days, I do occasionally come across bits of stress that need to be sorted out and filed away, thus….

sgt-stach0001….I was created. A sarcastic web cartoon character with horrible hair, a crooked mustache, and killer abs. Thanks for reading, sorry for the anti-climatic ending.








Hello WordPress community. I have returned, please hold your applause. Let me start off with an apology for being a terrible blogger, or whatever I’m supposed to be called when I post here. I know I have not posted in some time. To be honest, I know exactly when I stopped posting. It was right around the time Donald Trump was being inaugurated as President of the United States. (I can’t help but feel that there is an alternate timeline taking place somewhere and we all somehow ended up in the shitty one.)

I fell into a funk after that event to be perfectly honest with you. I grew extremely sad and distant. It’s not that I love Hillary Clinton, I just couldn’t believe that such a large population of the country I love, the country I served, could fall for a man like Donald Trump. My heart still aches to this day not only for my own children who now have to grow up in whatever kind of lasting mess this mans administration is creating, but for all the people in this country who are generally good, hardworking, honest Americans (or soon to be Americans) that want nothing to do with the ideas this man represents, but are still stained by the image of this man and his administration. I now live in a world where I check the news not to see what is going on, but to find out what new terrible thing did Donald Trump have a hand in today?

For months I have avoided social media, including WordPress, and focused exclusively on my real personnel life. I may not have any control over national matters but I still have some control over my own surroundings.  I moved my family to a new, more welcoming city and purchased what I would consider my dream home. I’ve been taking on new interest and reinvesting time in old hobbies like painting, writing and reading, something that I was sorely missing in my life. I’ve reconnected with some family and friends, and made some new friends long the way. All of this has helped me remember that the simple things matter most.

I can die tomorrow and Trump will still be President (maybe). The world will still be on fire and everyone will still hate everyone else. I’m trying to look past all this noise and non-sense and find some peace in this world. I don’t want to waste to much more time worrying a lot about the things that I can’t change. I just want to be able to write and draw stupid pictures and doodles that might impact you or someone else in a way that is meaningful. So that is what I’m going to do. To hell with all the static in the world.

I plan on getting back to posting pretty regularly soon. I’m still working on building my office space in the new home so it may take a bit more time, but soon. I hope to branch out into new territory such as video games, or movies. I have really taken a keen interest in the video game blogging community here and would like to take a shot blogging about my own virtual adventures.


Iphone Photo Of Saturn

I know, this isn’t my normal sarcastic web comic BS. Sorry folks.  Come back in a few days and i’ll make it up to you. I actually took this photo some time ago using my Iphone 4(5? idk) and a cheap telescope. I had to build a custom mounting apparatus ( Duct Tape ) to mount the phone to the eye piece on the telescope. The results were amazing to me then and still are today. Might be taking more space photos in the near future. Stay tuned… Hope you enjoy the fuzzy view.

Where have I been?

A lot has been happening in my life lately, all good things fortunately, but my time is being directed into other areas as of two weeks ago. Thus my hobbies, much like school art programs, are the first thing slashed from the agenda. Don’t count me out though. I have been jotting down plenty of new ideas. All I’m needing is the time to turn somthing like this…

Even I can’t read my writing.
…into a “comic” that is hopefully meaningful or funny. Hopefully this will quell any fears all two of my readers may have. 

Office Tour

Sometimes when i’m not busy being a narcissistic stick figure, I have to go to a job. Here are some images from my life at that place.

A TARDIS USB hub. Mostly used for confusing my co workers.

I don’t know what this says about my personality, but there is a spoon and a fork in my pen cup…
You thought I was a fat boy for having a spoon and fork handy? Surprise! Apples and grapefruits… This proves nothing…

The mighty label maker. The best way to waste time while looking busy.
Selected reading for those long lunch breaks I never take.
Origami crane I made to show off yet another useless skill.
Notes from my Daughter.
I found this flag in a long forgotten box in our shops attic. I cleaned it and gave it a second life in our warehouse.#Merica!
Training display I use while giving instruction and refresher training classes. It is as boring as it looks.
Desk clutter

This was fun. We should do this more often. 

Dummy Holes

The Foreman – 2006

The Story.

My first real job was working as a laborhand on a natural gas installation crew. My foreman was a short redheaded man known as “Shorty”. Shorty was so short that he had to look up at me as he told me what to do. Though this was somewhat comical to me, he always had the last laugh. Often it felt as if he were singling me out more than other guys on the crew. My only job was to grab a shovel, dig a hole, and find the buried pipe. Shorty points and I dig. That’s how it worked.

Sometimes he would make me dig, what I would later call “dummy holes”. These are holes that have nothing for you to find. There is no pipe in these holes. There is no real reason to dig at all. The foreman would use dummy holes as punishment for guys who didn’t want to do their job. If you tried to protest they just pretend they had picked the wrong spot by mistake. Of course, this was only after you spent a couple of hours digging and sweating. I didn’t like this job and I didn’t like Shorty. To be fair I hadn’t liked this man for a very long time, since I was about eight years old to be precise.

Shorty was not only my boss, he had been my stepfather since I was eight years old. We didn’t get along very well as I made my way through adolescence. At home it didn’t matter if we got along, I could just be a little bitch and leave the house. At work it was different. He was the Boss at work. You were going to show up on time and do your job… or you were going to dig dummy holes all day until you got fired or you quit.

…I was fired.


I hated him even more after he fired me. How could he fire his own stepson? I was so delusional that I decided I could figure this whole “life” thing out on my own. I set off searching for my dream job. No one was going to dictate my life.  One month later I was still jobless and broke. Shorty offered me my job back… I accepted.

The truth is Shorty was a great stepfather. He did his best even if I couldn’t see it growing up. He could have easily given up on me but he never did. He rehired me but he never showed me favoritism. He made me do the hard work that was required to build my career in the industry I work in today. Though I proudly say that I have went well beyond those early days, I know where I started and I know who was there when I began.

Shorty is one of the biggest people in my life… even if I still have to get stuff off of the top shelf for him.

“Shorty” 2016- Night Time Emergency Call

Technical Difficulties 

So… due to some unforeseen technical difficulties ( I forgot to pay my internet bill because I went to Miami instead.# Adulting) I am still without my computer and am forced to use my phone for blogging purposes. Allow me to apologize in advance for all of the typos yu are about to red… see what i meat? Yeah, this tiny keyboard is murder but here we go.

Of course you know by now about Carrie Fisher (spoilers) passing away. I planned to post a small peice of tribute art tonight in her honor but technology has fought me at every turn… so the tribute post will unfortunately have to wait.

As far as my problems tonight go, I assumed that It would be simple enough to snap a picture and post it with my phone. Eww, it looked terrible. I refuse to do it. 

After that failed I put on my thinking cap. I inserted a micro sd chip into my printer and scanned the picture to the card, then returned it all to my phone. I attempted to upload the image and… nothing happened. Tried again, nothing still. 

Just so happens that my phone decided to loose all connection to the cellular network. Payment comes out automatically so I know my broke-ness isn’t to blame. The only reasonable conclusion I can think of is that an undetected asteroid has crashed through our satellite system knocking the cell nefwork off line and these are my last words ever…

To the alien archeologist of the future examining this ancient cellular device, please read my final words… I have no idea how those videos and pictures got on my phone, I never watch that kind of stuff…

Guess were still here. Only one thing left to do now. Gotta “borrow” my neighbors wifi for a moment and post this nonsense… and maybe catch one of those movies.