Photos from Megacon and Momocon 2019 Featuring David Tennant

This isn’t going to be your typical post from me with a breathy story about how I found myself shaking hands with David Tennant… I am really just writing this to inform anyone willing to listen that I met The Man… The Legend… The Doctor… The one and only David Tennant. I still haven’t washed my hand…

Below you will find some photos from two different conventions I attended this Summer, Momocon in Atlanta, Georgia and Megacon in Orlando, Florida, where I met The Doctor. Enjoy.


Storm trooper at Momocon

MOMOCON – Making more friends. She really digs guys in power armor.
MOMOCON – Standing next to the real-life version of the van from Steven Universe, One of this generations best cartoons in my opinion.
MOMOCON – A terrible photo. It is extremely difficult during a convention to snap clear pictures due to all the foot traffic.
MOMOCON – This guy just stood at the top of the escalator without moving or talking the whole time. The best part… he is holding Jolly Ranchers Candy.
MOMOCON – Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in my whole life. Kudos to those kids in the Pikachu Costumes.


MOMOCON – Selfie view on our way out of the convention.
MEGACON – On my way into the convention center. This place was four times bigger than MOMOCON… I was blown away.
MEGACON – A couple of friends from Miami met up with me. I was impressed with their Cosplay.
MEGACON – At least one of them are in character.
MEGACON – Star Wars Props.
MEGACON – Star Wars props.
MEGACON – The Batmobile (The best, or worst one depending on who you ask.)
MEGACON – I DID NOT buy this Gundam… I swear.
MEGACON – This Wall-E just cruised around the convention like he owned the place.
MEGACON – I know this character is Law from the One Piece Anime/Manga… I know this because my child told me.
MEGACON – The All-Father Odin with some brew.
MEGACON – Realistic Creeper from Minecraft.
MEGACON – Link to a Video of this guy walking. 

David Tennant at Megacon

Meeting David Tennant

Dead tired from all the walking.
Some of the things I picked up on my journey.




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