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January In Review

I had loads of plans for January in regards to the number of projects I wanted to get started on. Unfortunately for me, however, Murphy’s Law was in full effect for all of January. I began the month with the flu and ended it with a horrible sinus infection. My whole family, in short order, also fell ill with some form of the cold during the month.

Apart from sickness, our whole schedule has had to change drastically this month due to the Superbowl. Ironically, no one in my family watches Football or any other sport for that matter. My wife happens to be a Police Officer in Atlanta where the Superbowl is taking place this year. As you might imagine, it is a security nightmare and she has been working 12 hours shifts with no days off for nearly three weeks. This has forced me to take on nearly every other responsibility in our home despite working my own fulltime job and being terribly ill for much of the month. Overall, it has been a pretty terrible start to the new year in our house.

Regardless of my situation, I was able to get a few things done, but not much. I have decided to cancel some of the projects I talked about in my December update in favor of more interesting ideas. I’ll get into some of those details below.

PROJECT: Singer Sewing Machine Restoration



I talked about this Singer Sewing machine a few times in a st post. I was truly excited to find this guy in a thrift store for $30. Apart from the internal gears being completely locked up this thing is in great condition and looks beautiful. Unfortunately, I have simply lost interest in the project. 20190121_145542

The Machine is currently dismantled and sitting in a plastic storage container in my workshop awaiting the time when my interest for it will return. For now, the project is on hold.

PROJECT: Royale Typewriter Restoration 



This project goes along the same lines as the sewing machine repair job. I just lost all interest in projects involving intricate, moving parts over the course of the past month. Maybe its the weather, maybe I’m just being lazy. Regardless of the reason, this project is also on hold.

PROJECT: 3D Printing 

STATUS: In Progress


I talked at length about my 3D Printer in another post so there is no need to rehash any of the details here. Of all the projects I have going on currently my favorite thing by far has been learning how to 3D Print and 3D Model.


A 3D Pokeball Clip I Designed For A Friends Phone Case.

Sadly, my printer seems to be in a death spiral at the moment. It may just be my own inability troubleshoot the problem… or it may be that I need to pay a bit more money for a better printer. Currently, the only thing my printer will print is… well, see for yourself. 20190126_150154

I have no intention to stop working on this craft so I will be replacing this model printer with something a bit more worthy very soon. Stay tuned for a future post about the replacement.

PROJECT: Master Chief Cosplay Mannequin

STATUS: In Progress


Undoubtedly, this is likely the part of the post most viewers are interested in. Nothing else seems to attract attention quite like a full suit of Spartan Armor. I spent more time working on this project than anything else this month and will be releasing a post about my progress so far very soon (With Pictures). I have made it to a point in this project where all the armor pieces are in place and I must say that it takes my breath away even in its incomplete state. This thing looks amazing and I can’t wait to write up the post and share it.

I Can’t Help Myself, Just Look At This Beast!

PROJECT: Gaming Shelf

STATUS: Not Started 

Nothing to share about this project as of yet. I still plan on building the shelf, but it probably isn’t going to be a thing until Summer… Maybe.

PROJECT: Twitch Stream 

STATUS: In Progress 

twitch pic

I haven’t discussed this project much, mostly because I’m still not 100% sure if it will even work out. The general idea to stream Halo gameplay while cosplaying as the Master Chief. I have run a few streams already and it works well enough. The main issue with this idea is set up time. I really don’t have the time to set up the Costume, The green screen, and calibrate OBS everytime I want to stream. I’m not sure how this will turn out in the end, but I do plan on detailing the journey in an upcoming post.


That’s all that I currently have going on at the moment. Feel free to leave any ideas or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Thanks for your time.

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