Happy New Years!

For a blog that started in 2013, you would think that I would have met this milestone some time ago. In the past six years, I have made multiple attempts to get this blog site going, and each time ended with me feeling as if I were taking on a second job without pay.

During the latter half of 2018, however, my life finally reached a point of equilibrium where I began having enough time to dedicate to my projects. The importance of having a creative outlet such as this cannot be overstated, and without people to interact with this outlet would be pointless. All you crazy bloggers out there sharing your art, ideas, and love keep this world tolerable.

With that said, I wanted to use this personal milestone of mine to give a shout out to some of the Bloggers in my follower’s list that have influenced me in one way or another.

jt weaver

J.T. Weaver was the first blog I ever followed or read back in 2013. This was also the first blogger to follow my blog. He wrote many beautiful memoirs back in 2013 & 2014 that often included some sort of life lesson. He has mostly been missing from his blog since 2017 but I still enjoy revisiting his stories from time to time.

livid lighting

Lighting Ellen or “Livid Lighting”, as she is now known, is the closest thing I have to a friend in the blogging world. Lighting has been one of my most interactive followers since she first began following me in 2016. Despite my frequent hiatus from blogging in the past few years, Lighting has always been the first to welcome me back to the fold. I even made a comic about her once you can view here. I highly recommend you check out her gaming blog. She does great reviews despite her obsession with the worst Final Fantasy game ever made.

the shameful

Simply put, The Shameful Narcissist (TSN) intimidates me. You may think that you write a lot or know how to maintain a blog…That’s before you visit TSN. Here you will find reviews of books, reviews of games, essays, fan fiction, even cooking recipes. Each post is well written. The whole blog is meticulously organized and maintained. I receive the email updates for the newly published post every day and I visit often but still can’t seem to find enough time to keep up with all the content that is produced by TSN. I don’t say all of this to blight TSN, I say it out of admiration. I could only hope to produce a fraction of that amount of content in a years time. Cudos Kuppo.

little fears

I have no idea who manages the Little Fears blog but this is one of my favorite blogs ever! The creator tells “spooky stories” and “woeful puns”, as they put it, with the help of a cast of scribbled monsters. Also, there are courgettes… Pay Little Fears a proper visit and scroll through some of their material, you will not be disappointed.


Everybody Dies At The Masquerade will grab you with razor-sharp hooks and never let you go. The writing is phenomenal, each story grabbing you and forcing you right into whatever situation the author has cooked up. I hope that whoever is doing the writing on this blog is getting paid because they have talent pouring out of them.


That is all I’ve got for this go around. Hopefully, It doesn’t take six more years for me to reach 200 Followers!

Thanks for your time.


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