MonoPrice Delta Mini 3-D Printer: Part 2 – The Review

I really wanted to love this little machine but the problems are many and the rewards are too few. Continue reading “MonoPrice Delta Mini 3-D Printer: Part 2 – The Review”


Master Chief Armor Mods: Part 2

In my last post, I went over quite a few modifications I made to my armor. Most of the modifications were cosmetic or structural issues in nature. This week I have been busy with a few different projects and only had time for one major update to the armor. Continue reading “Master Chief Armor Mods: Part 2”

Master Cheif Armor Mods: Part 1

Now that all of the Christmas gifts have been returned and half of my the New Years resolutions have been broken, I can happily refocus my attention on my ever-growing list of unfinished projects. Currently, all of my attention is on modifying my Master Chief Costume. Continue reading “Master Cheif Armor Mods: Part 1”



Happy New Years!

For a blog that started in 2013, you would think that I would have met this milestone some time ago. In the past six years, I have made multiple attempts to get this blog site going, and each time ended with me feeling as if I were taking on a second job without pay. Continue reading “100 Followers”