Zoro Roronoa – Three Sword Style – One Piece

I know how fandoms work. People grow to love certain characters and their worlds, taking offense to anything that is not “canon”. That being said, I confess to you now that this work was not my idea. A good friend of mine came up with the crossover idea of using swords from the Legend of Zelda series in place of the usual katana’s Zoro Roronoa uses in One Piece. Again with the full disclosure, when I was approached with this idea my first response was… “What is One Piece?”

Before I began this project, I decided it was proper of me to at least watch the show so I can get to know the subject a bit. After 10 episodes I can say with honesty that I’m not a superfan, but I see the appeal of this character. Regardless of my ability to fully grasp the appeal of the show, I crafted the piece and present it for your viewing pleasure below.

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