It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve missed you. I’d like to say that I am here to stay, back again with more wit and MS Paint comics, but I’m not. If I’m telling the truth, I feel like i’m barely here at all. I have a double-edged sword inside of me, cutting me to my creative core, allowing me to bleed art once again. So here I sit, the creativity pouring out of me. I write, paint, and draw manically and people look at my art and they applaud me for my work and want to buy my work. I look at my work with an emotionless stare. I create to forget that there is a sword inside of me slowing bleeding me away. I burn the art. I watch it burn to ash and embers. No one knows what it means. I get that look again. They say to stop being that way.

I fake smile to their face while they keep their hand on the sword in my back. Everything is fine. I gather up the ashes of my creation and mix it with water, new pigment for my next piece. The cycle continues.

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