Office Tour

Sometimes when i’m not busy being a narcissistic stick figure, I have to go to a job. Here are some images from my life at that place.

A TARDIS USB hub. Mostly used for confusing my co workers.

I don’t know what this says about my personality, but there is a spoon and a fork in my pen cup…
You thought I was a fat boy for having a spoon and fork handy? Surprise! Apples and grapefruits… This proves nothing…

The mighty label maker. The best way to waste time while looking busy.
Selected reading for those long lunch breaks I never take.
Origami crane I made to show off yet another useless skill.
Notes from my Daughter.
I found this flag in a long forgotten box in our shops attic. I cleaned it and gave it a second life in our warehouse.#Merica!
Training display I use while giving instruction and refresher training classes. It is as boring as it looks.
Desk clutter

This was fun. We should do this more often. 

Author: The War Doctor

I have responsibilities, a job, kids, bills. This little page is the only thing that lets me remember the thrill of creativity I once took for granted in my youth. I hope you enjoy my failing mental health.

2 thoughts on “Office Tour”

    1. I use to fold them up and pass them to strangers at the bus stop. They always gave me a quizzical look when I handed them the crane, and would often say “Why aren’t you wearing pants?” Then I would toss a handful of glitter in the air and run away… TMI?

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