Going Home

Today my Miami adventure ends and I return to my normal day to day adventures in art, poetry, and stick figure kung-fu. I’m ready. This trip has been great, but I miss my desk and my quiet little corner of the world… plus trying to post from my phone is terrible.

I did carry my notebook with me the whole time so hopefully I jotted down some ideas in there that are worth going over this week. Expect some beach themes in my upcoming comics.

Thoughts on the road…

Interstate 95N

I’ve been thinking alot lately about this little blog of mine. Why am I doing this? Why create all of this? Who is this for? I really don’t have a real answer for most of the questions I ask. I just feel like I need to express myself creatively and this happens to be the best avenue to accomplish that goal.

I am, in reality, a very introverted person so this is kinda my way to get around some of my introvert ways. I still get to participate in the grand human experience of sharing information without really dealing with the “human” part.

I don’t really have a solid plan for what direction I’m taking this thing, my only rule is to make one decent post a day, Monday -Friday. Once I have burned through all of my older art work I may loosen up on that timeframe, but for now it works. I have stacks of notebooks and art I want to share. Not really because I think it is necessarily great. I mostly just want to try and preserve a digital idea of my personality. The person I want to be at least, not the guy who goes to work everyday and hates the whole fucking world.

Well. That’s my rant for today, I’m still on the road posting this from my phone so I’m sure I’ll read it at my computer tomorrow and wonder just what the hell am I talking about just like you probably are right now. If you read all of this, sorry for wasting your time, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

Author: The War Doctor

I have responsibilities, a job, kids, bills. This little page is the only thing that lets me remember the thrill of creativity I once took for granted in my youth. I hope you enjoy my failing mental health.

2 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. Safe travels! Drivers are fucking crazy this time of year…

    Those are good questions you asked yourself: Why blog? I personally blog as a creative outlet for my chaotic thoughts. I’m a cranky introvert outside of the internet. I don’t say much verbally, other than a sarcastic comment here and there (my coworkers love me I’m sure 🙂 ) I honestly don’t know, or really care, if anyone actually reads my stuff. I truly enjoy writing it. By putting it out on the internet, I’ve met lots of great bloggers out there. That’s the main reason why I do this. I found that I connect much easier with random internet people than I do with the humans I know IRL.

    Anyway, I find your drawings amusing so I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Keep up the awesome blogging, for whatever reason why you truly choose to do this. 🙂

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    1. As always, your comments are encouraging and I thank you for them. The description you give of yourself may as well be a copy and paste description of me(real me, not stick figure me). I don’t speak without reason at work. I do my job and I leave with as little interaction as possible. Wasn’t always like this, just find people much less relatable the older I get. My job is soul crushing so I suppose thats another reason I started blogging… again.

      Anyway, the feeling is mutual. I enjoy reading about your videogame adventures. The whole idea of playing “catchup” and documenting the experience is wonderful to me. Wish I had thought of it first.

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