Technical Difficulties 

So… due to some unforeseen technical difficulties ( I forgot to pay my internet bill because I went to Miami instead.# Adulting) I am still without my computer and am forced to use my phone for blogging purposes. Allow me to apologize in advance for all of the typos yu are about to red… see what i meat? Yeah, this tiny keyboard is murder but here we go.

Of course you know by now about Carrie Fisher (spoilers) passing away. I planned to post a small peice of tribute art tonight in her honor but technology has fought me at every turn… so the tribute post will unfortunately have to wait.

As far as my problems tonight go, I assumed that It would be simple enough to snap a picture and post it with my phone. Eww, it looked terrible. I refuse to do it. 

After that failed I put on my thinking cap. I inserted a micro sd chip into my printer and scanned the picture to the card, then returned it all to my phone. I attempted to upload the image and… nothing happened. Tried again, nothing still. 

Just so happens that my phone decided to loose all connection to the cellular network. Payment comes out automatically so I know my broke-ness isn’t to blame. The only reasonable conclusion I can think of is that an undetected asteroid has crashed through our satellite system knocking the cell nefwork off line and these are my last words ever…

To the alien archeologist of the future examining this ancient cellular device, please read my final words… I have no idea how those videos and pictures got on my phone, I never watch that kind of stuff…

Guess were still here. Only one thing left to do now. Gotta “borrow” my neighbors wifi for a moment and post this nonsense… and maybe catch one of those movies. 

The Ant People


I always enjoyed comics and wanted to make my own one day so I began with The Ant People at a young age. “The Ant People” was going to be the name of my famous comic strip. The idea was that like ants in an ant farm, The Ant People are unaware of the greater world outside the comic strip. I vaguely remember trying to make some type of deep, meaningful point with that idea… 

I gave up on them after a few strips. I simply lacked the talent and drive at the time to make anything more than a few funny strips. Fast forward a few years and I was into a completely new idea.

Inspired by the works of M.C.Esher I began drawing impossible shapes and hiding images within images. I completely forgot about The Ant People for awhile. Eventually I would rediscover The Ant People hiding in the folds and corners of my old note books and school books. I drew those guys everywhere. 

I began incorporating them into my more detailed art after their rediscovery. This picture is supposed to symbolise my early ideas finding a new home in new art… or something like that. 

Young me tried way too hard to seem deep. 

Going Home

Today my Miami adventure ends and I return to my normal day to day adventures in art, poetry, and stick figure kung-fu. I’m ready. This trip has been great, but I miss my desk and my quiet little corner of the world… plus trying to post from my phone is terrible.

I did carry my notebook with me the whole time so hopefully I jotted down some ideas in there that are worth going over this week. Expect some beach themes in my upcoming comics.

Thoughts on the road…

Interstate 95N

I’ve been thinking alot lately about this little blog of mine. Why am I doing this? Why create all of this? Who is this for? I really don’t have a real answer for most of the questions I ask. I just feel like I need to express myself creatively and this happens to be the best avenue to accomplish that goal.

I am, in reality, a very introverted person so this is kinda my way to get around some of my introvert ways. I still get to participate in the grand human experience of sharing information without really dealing with the “human” part.

I don’t really have a solid plan for what direction I’m taking this thing, my only rule is to make one decent post a day, Monday -Friday. Once I have burned through all of my older art work I may loosen up on that timeframe, but for now it works. I have stacks of notebooks and art I want to share. Not really because I think it is necessarily great. I mostly just want to try and preserve a digital idea of my personality. The person I want to be at least, not the guy who goes to work everyday and hates the whole fucking world.

Well. That’s my rant for today, I’m still on the road posting this from my phone so I’m sure I’ll read it at my computer tomorrow and wonder just what the hell am I talking about just like you probably are right now. If you read all of this, sorry for wasting your time, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

I Saved A Baby.

No really, I did. My one year old niece locked herself in her parents car today. No idea how but she did. Being the way I am, I go and grab a couple of metal clothing hangers, my multitool, and I get to work building my car lock pick (I’ve done this many times, don’t ask). 

While I’m busy building my lock pick, mom is freaking out and calls the Police, Fire department, EMS, U.S. Army, Navy Seals, Delta Force, President Obama, everyone!  So just as I’m getting started on the lock half of the city shows up. The Fire Department starts working on the passenger side trying to break in since I am already on the driver door. Their big idea? Wedge the door wish an arm collar, like the one the doctor (Not Doctor Who) uses. So they shove that into the door and start pumping.  By the time they were done I already had the window down and was unlocking the car. I was a damn hero!

What happened next? The fire fighters and the EMS guys all shook hands with each other, congratulating each other on a job well done, and they left. Only one person acknowledged me afterwards, the cop who first arrived on the scene. To that Cop, thank you. To the fire fighters and EMS… at least you showed up quick. Thanks for nothing though you ass hats. My child would have been of more use to me today in that situation than seven fully trained, grown men, and she is missing a chromosome. I wish I could read the report they turn in today…

Anyway, that really all happened then we went to ride Airboats and watch a man wrestle an alligator. Yay!  

Coopertown Airboat Rides
The Florida Everglades.

So yeah, that was my day. I didn’t get any pictures of myself saving a baby because I was busy saving the baby… you know how it goes.


I got off of work yesterday and I drove for around 12 hours last night. Now I’m sitting in Miami, Florida preparing for Christmas with the inlaws. I’m tired and actually quite sick with a headcold at the moment. I don’t have access to most of my material and can only post from my phone. I guess I’ll just have to use one of my selfies for this post.

I apologize for how I look. The guy that normally draws my face is also sick… this is getting kinda meta. Anyway, expect weird post for the next few days until I return home.