Tribute: Carrie Fisher


The Ant People


I always enjoyed comics and wanted to make my own one day so I began with The Ant People at a young age. “The Ant People” was going to be the name of my famous comic strip. The idea was that like ants in an ant farm, The Ant People are unaware of the greater world outside the comic strip. I vaguely remember trying to make some type of deep, meaningful point with that idea… 

I gave up on them after a few strips. I simply lacked the talent and drive at the time to make anything more than a few funny strips. Fast forward a few years and I was into a completely new idea.

Inspired by the works of M.C.Esher I began drawing impossible shapes and hiding images within images. I completely forgot about The Ant People for awhile. Eventually I would rediscover The Ant People hiding in the folds and corners of my old note books and school books. I drew those guys everywhere. 

I began incorporating them into my more detailed art after their rediscovery. This picture is supposed to symbolise my early ideas finding a new home in new art… or something like that. 

Young me tried way too hard to seem deep. 

I Saved A Baby.

No really, I did. My one year old niece locked herself in her parents car today. No idea how but she did. Being the way I am, I go and grab a couple of metal clothing hangers, my multitool, and I get to work building my car lock pick (I’ve done this many times, don’t ask). 

While I’m busy building my lock pick, mom is freaking out and calls the Police, Fire department, EMS, U.S. Army, Navy Seals, Delta Force, President Obama, everyone!  So just as I’m getting started on the lock half of the city shows up. The Fire Department starts working on the passenger side trying to break in since I am already on the driver door. Their big idea? Wedge the door wish an arm collar, like the one the doctor (Not Doctor Who) uses. So they shove that into the door and start pumping.  By the time they were done I already had the window down and was unlocking the car. I was a damn hero!

What happened next? The fire fighters and the EMS guys all shook hands with each other, congratulating each other on a job well done, and they left. Only one person acknowledged me afterwards, the cop who first arrived on the scene. To that Cop, thank you. To the fire fighters and EMS… at least you showed up quick. Thanks for nothing though you ass hats. My child would have been of more use to me today in that situation than seven fully trained, grown men, and she is missing a chromosome. I wish I could read the report they turn in today…

Anyway, that really all happened then we went to ride Airboats and watch a man wrestle an alligator. Yay!  

Coopertown Airboat Rides
The Florida Everglades.

So yeah, that was my day. I didn’t get any pictures of myself saving a baby because I was busy saving the baby… you know how it goes.

The Goddess



The Story.

I normally have some kind of deep story behind my art, but not today. I was inspired to draw this after looking at a magazine cover that my girlfriend at the time had shown me. I don’t remember much else about it. It’s just a neat drawing to look at now, sorry for the disappointment. ¬† ūüė¶


480-E Case Backhoe

September 16th, 2008

The Story

In 2008 I worked in the underground utility industry installing natural gas lines to new homes around Atlanta, GA. I absolutely despised the work even though I was great at it. In an attempt to strike some sort of balance between the man I was becoming who had many responsibilities and the boy in me who just wanted to be an artist and nothing more, I would spend my thirty minute lunch breaks doing sketches like these while eating. They were ugly, crude, hastily drawn sketches of whatever happened to catch my eye during lunch that particular day. I felt that I had to keep drawing so that I could retain my smug sense of superiority over my co-workers. In my head at the time, I had convinced myself that settling to be a construction worker was below me. That I had to keep trying to be the artist I saw myself as. These sketches would make me famous!

I was a fucking idiot. Reality smacked me in the face a few hours later.

Those of you who are sharp readers may already know the significance of the date I made this sketch. It was the day the¬†world financial market basically took a nose dive.¬†Everyone in my company was laid off that day. I was not special. I was expendable just like everyone else. This was the last picture I drew for a long time. I suddenly didn’t have the luxury of a lunchtime hobby. Everyday my new job was to find a new job. As most of you know, no one was hiring at that moment in time… well almost no one. We did have two active wars going on after all…Save that story for later.